Difference between hffr and lszh

Difference between hffr and lszh

Difference between hffr and lszh:


High energy savings combined with safety and eco-friendliness designed for the protection of human safety, Havel’s HFFR cables give you with the protection and area unit safe, reliable, hearth agent, flame agent, lead-free and non-toxic in composition. Also, they make sure that within the unlikely event of a hearth, the cables can retard its unfold.

HFFR is many groups free & ensures that folks unfreeze in hearth will breathe straightforward facilitating higher possibilities of their rescue. The most important manufacturer of cables and wires, Hovels has systematically semiconductor diode the method by innovation and technological advancements.

Keeping the atmosphere in mind, we tend to believe in manufacturing eco-friendly wires that solve the specified functions with no damage. For a tool to perform properly, the connections area unit sturdy, and also the wires must do their job utterly.

At Hovels, we’ve created a note of similar and turn-out economical wires that ne’er allow you to down. all of your electrical product area units are safe and can work simply fine with the Havell’s Wires.

With the promise to deliver the most effective, Havell’s Bharat manufactures wires that amend the method you’re employed. Get the most effective costs and discount online, wires that do not combust.


The cables also are unremarkably said as ZHLS cables or grouping free cables. They typically have flame agent properties, creating them flame agent low smoke (FR-LS) cables.

Unlike PVC cables and people made from different compounds that manufacture huge amounts of dense black smoke, toxicant fumes, and acid gas once exposed to fireside, LSZH cables manufacture low levels of smoke and toxicant fume and no acid gases.

They’re grouping free cables. they’re so typically fixed inside, particularly in public areas, and in different risky environments and poorly airy areas. LSZH encased cables square measure unremarkably used across tunnels and underground rail networks.

They cause most of the casualties and should conjointly obscure the thanks to escaping routes and exits. Measures designed to give to supply to produce safe suggests that of escape should so provide acceptable arrangements to limit the speedy unfold of smoke and fumes.”

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